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We hope you’re all keeping well in these most frustrating of times, set out below IS our list of meeting dates for the next session commencing at The Kyle Academy in Ayr on the 18th September 2023 at 7pm. If you would like further details or information please contact us via the Contact page Contact page.

Meeting programme for 2022/23:

23 September 2024

"The Saturn V" by David Woods

28 October 2024

"Beginners Night - Bring Your Questions, Equipment and Tips"

25 November 2024

"Astro Photography" by Tom McCrorie

16 December 2024

Christmas Meal

27 January 2025

" The Mysteries of the Sun" by Professor Lyndsay Fletcher

24 February 2025

"Living off the Moon" by Professor Mark Symes

24 March 2025

"The Silent Universe" by Dr Alec McKinnon

28 April 2025

"The 2024 Solar Eclipse" by Marc Charron and John Burns

26 May 2025

AGM followed by a video